We care for our client's well being


  • Kate Schouten has been an integral support in my son’s life and future and the success he has become!

    We met her in the summer of 2016 and she worked with Jade for 3 years whom has high functioning autism. He was floundering at age 17 as to what to do with life and had many social issues that family can’t always resolve at times.

    Meeting Kate was the biggest blessing any family who has a member dealing with a host of issues could ever pray for!

    She has a fundamental deep natural ability as well as the education to relate to clients and understand their needs, boundaries, abilities and expectations. She has an acute sensitivity to guide them and create confidence in them to get through the hurdles us parents don’t always know how or understand or in what direction to go next.

    My son has a full time job now, he is happy, confident and successful and on his way to full independency which gives me peace of mind for his life and future that I never would of thought possible in 2016.

    Kate was a catalyst in preparing Jade for life which continually has and will always replicate through all areas of his future.
    She will always have a special place in our hearts forever and we are so grateful to have been one of her first families to be involved in her great works.

    Shana Kerr