Family Constellation Therapy is a powerful and transformative approach that delves into the dynamics of our family systems to uncover hidden patterns, unresolved conflicts, and emotional entanglements that may be impacting our lives. Developed by German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger, this therapeutic technique has gained widespread recognition for its ability to bring about profound healing and understanding. In this blog post, we’ll explore three key interventions within Family Constellation Therapy that can help you gain insight, release emotional blockages, and create positive shifts within your family system.

  1. Mapping the Family Constellation

The first step in practicing Family Constellation Therapy is to create a visual representation of the family system, often referred to as a “constellation.” This process involves mapping out the relationships among family members, both living and deceased, and identifying key dynamics and connections.

To practice this intervention:

a. Set up a physical space: Find a quiet and comfortable space where you can lay out objects or use placeholders to represent family members. You can use sheets of paper, figurines, or even simply stand-ins to represent different family members.

b. Choose a focus: Decide on a specific issue or question you want to explore within your family system. This could be related to relationships, health, career, or any other aspect of life where you seek clarity.

c. Place the representatives: Position the placeholders or representatives in the space according to your intuition, representing each family member relevant to the issue. Include yourself and any other significant individuals.

d. Observe the dynamics: Pay attention to any feelings, sensations, or insights that arise as you interact with the representatives and observe their positions in the constellation. This can offer valuable insights into underlying patterns and conflicts.

e. Facilitate movement: If you notice any imbalances or tensions in the constellation, you can guide the representatives to make adjustments that feel energetically right. This process often leads to a reconfiguration that mirrors the hidden dynamics within the family system.

  1. Uncovering Hidden Loyalties and Entanglements

Family Constellation Therapy recognizes that family members can become entangled in unresolved issues from previous generations. These entanglements often stem from loyalty to family members who suffered, were excluded, or experienced trauma. By acknowledging and addressing these hidden loyalties, healing can take place.

To work with hidden loyalties and entanglements:

a. Identify the loyalty: Through dialogue with the representatives in the constellation, explore whether any family member is entangled in the suffering of a past generation. This might manifest as feelings of guilt, responsibility, or a strong connection to a specific family member’s fate.

b. Acknowledge and release: Once the hidden loyalty is identified, acknowledge its presence and express gratitude for the intention behind it. Then, encourage the representative to physically and symbolically release the entanglement by taking a step back or shifting position.

c. Restore the natural order: Guide the representatives to find a balanced and harmonious position within the constellation, allowing the energy to flow freely and restoring the natural order in the family system.

  1. Healing Through Reparative Actions

In some cases, Family Constellation Therapy may reveal unresolved issues that can be addressed through symbolic reparative actions. These actions aim to restore a sense of justice, belonging, and connection within the family system.

To facilitate reparative actions:

a. Identify the need: Pay attention to any unfulfilled needs, injustices, or unfinished business that emerges within the constellation.

b. Encourage the action: Invite the representatives to engage in symbolic actions that address the identified need. This could include offering forgiveness, expressing love, or acknowledging past traumas.

c. Observe the impact: Notice the emotional shifts and insights that occur as a result of the reparative actions. These symbolic gestures can bring about a sense of closure and healing within the family system.


Family Constellation Therapy offers a unique and profound approach to exploring the dynamics of our family systems and uncovering hidden patterns that influence our lives. By practicing interventions like mapping the family constellation, addressing hidden loyalties, and engaging in reparative actions, individuals can experience deep healing, emotional release, and a greater sense of connection with their family lineage. Remember that Family Constellation Therapy is best undertaken with the guidance of a trained and experienced practitioner, as it can bring up intense emotions and requires a delicate approach. With the right support, this therapeutic modality can lead to transformative healing and a renewed sense of balance within your family system.

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