What is Life Coaching and Career Counselling?


Life coaching might be for you if you feel out of alignment internally. To change your path in life, you need to come into your highest and truest version of yourself – and we want to facilitate this process! 

In this type of counselling, we help individuals work towards positive change, including:

  • Guidance
  • Goal setting
  • Healthy boundaries
  • Relationships
  • Work/career planning
  • Spirituality
  • Social life

You will have to make decisions about what you truly want, and step into the process of making changes to achieve what you desire – with a trusted coach walking alongside you. 

In the old paradigm, obstacles may have blocked you from moving forward. In the new paradigm, obstacles are an opportunity to develop strength. We will work on a deeper level with your mindset, moving you past your limitations into an arena of freedom and manifestation. We will stretch you to achieve beyond what you believe is possible. 

In our society, in general, we have been trained to think without love. We have an automatic and instinctive temptation to move into judgement and defensiveness. By working with a life coach, however, you can learn to see that your power is your true source of validation and love, enabling you to operate from the vantagepoint of love.


Typical issues: You may be struggling with cognitive limitations, depression, and/or anxiety. Or you may be approaching life from a “lack” mindset, and unable to realize how this affects your choices, but are simply feeling dissatisfied.

How we help: Initially we will work to build up coping mechanisms such as affirmations, self-care, and more adaptive cognitions. Once you are in a more stable position emotionally and cognitively, we will work on empowerment – knowing your worth and value while practicing healthy attachments at work, as a partner, and as a friend and family member.

Results: You will change from your conditioned self, to your most authentic self, working towards and achieving your goals and dreams, manifesting your vision. You will move out of the range of limitations and elevate to the true level you are capable of – and become filled with joy and vitality, shining in all facets of life.