Elevating Therapeutic Practices: Supervision Counselling for Professional Growth

Welcome to Next Step Counselling Group, a dedicated space for mental health professionals seeking supervision to enhance their clinical skills, ethical decision-making, and overall professional development. Our supervision counselling services are designed to provide a supportive and enriching environment for therapists, counsellors, and psychologists at various stages of their careers.

Our Supervision Approach: At Next Step Counselling Group, we believe in the transformative power of supervision. Our experienced and qualified supervisors offer a collaborative and reflective space where mental health professionals can engage in ongoing learning, receive constructive feedback, and navigate the complexities of their clinical work.

Supervision Counselling Services:

  1. Individual Supervision: Tailored one-on-one supervision sessions with our experienced supervisors allow mental health professionals to explore cases, discuss ethical dilemmas, and receive personalized guidance for their unique professional journey.
  2. Review of Audio/Video (direct supervision hours RCC): Our direct supervision sessions of audio or video tapes are designed to be interactive and personalized. Receive constructive feedback, explore challenging cases, and collaboratively work on enhancing your therapeutic abilities.
  3. Group Supervision: Join a supportive community of peers in our group supervision sessions. Engage in collective learning, share insights, and benefit from diverse perspectives to enhance your clinical skills and broaden your professional outlook.
  4. Clinical Case Consultation: Receive in-depth guidance on complex clinical cases. Our supervisors provide consultation, helping you navigate challenging client situations, refine treatment plans, and deepen your understanding of various therapeutic approaches.
  5. Ethics and Professional Development: Stay abreast of ethical standards and best practices. Our supervision counselling includes discussions on ethical considerations, professional boundaries, and ongoing professional development opportunities to strengthen your practice.
  6. Supervision towards RCC hours (BCACC designation): If you are a counselling or psychology trainee, our supervisors provide guidance as you navigate your practicum or internship and work towards your RCC hours. We offer structured support to help you integrate theoretical knowledge into practical skills and build confidence in your clinical work.

Why Choose Our Supervision Counselling:

  • Experienced Supervisors: Our team of supervisors boasts extensive experience and expertise in diverse therapeutic modalities, ensuring you receive guidance tailored to your specific needs.
  • Reflective and Collaborative Approach: We foster a reflective and collaborative supervisory relationship, encouraging open dialogue, self-awareness, and continuous professional growth.
  • Flexible Session Options: Choose between individual or group supervision sessions, providing flexibility to accommodate your schedule and learning preferences.
  • Holistic Professional Development: Our supervision counselling services aim to support your holistic professional development, including clinical skills, ethical considerations, and personal growth.

Invest in Your Professional Journey:

Elevate your therapeutic practices with supervision counselling from Next Step Counselling Group. Whether you’re a seasoned therapist or a trainee, our dedicated team is here to guide you on a journey of continuous learning, self-discovery, and excellence in your mental health practice. Take the next step toward professional growth and join us in cultivating a community of empowered and skilled mental health professionals.

Kate – Registered Clinical Counsellor

Kate is passionate about providing BCACC accredited supervision to students and practicing therapists who are looking to further their education and knowledge in the field. Whether you are a student or a new therapist looking to enhance your skills, Kate has a dedication for creating a safe, compassionate space for new therapists from a person centred lens. Kate has over 10 years of experience in the mental health field, and truly has a passion for the helping profession. Kate enjoys working from a strengths based approach, highlighting the skills and attributes of the blossoming therapist. Through rapport building, self assessment and the development of the supervisory relationship, Kate will help you build on your unique strengths as a therapist. She will provide feedback through a corrective yet positive lens, that helps you to evaluate the strategies you are using, while furthering your knowledge on ethical and legal considerations. Kate truly has a passion for this space – she loves the eager therapist who has a thirst for knowledge and continuing education. 

Cost per session: $150/50 minute session | $225/90 minutes | $75/person for group supervision

Online and in person sessions available