Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a prevalent neurodevelopmental condition that can influence cognitive processes, emotional processing, and responsiveness to the environment. While frequently detected in children and adolescents, it’s also possible for adults to receive an ADHD diagnosis.

The manifestations of ADHD symptoms and their intensity can vary among individuals. There are instances where symptoms may present with less severity, while “off days” due to various factors can also occur.

ADHD doesn’t have a uniform appearance for everyone. For instance, the way ADHD symptoms manifest in children might diverge from how they appear in adults.

Furthermore, the nature of your symptoms is linked to the subtype of ADHD you possess. The core symptoms of ADHD encompass inattention and either hyperactivity or impulsivity. However, merely exhibiting these symptoms doesn’t necessarily confirm an ADHD diagnosis for you or your child.

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