By Pierre Begrand

What is a mindfulness coach?

Mindfulness practices, such as “mindfulness meditation,” increase positive effects and decrease negative effects related to human diseases, such as addictions, anxiety, cancer, depression, low energy, and pain..

“The more we practice flowing within ourselves, the more we flow outside of ourselves.”

Humans have rivers of energy flowing through them, and when humans experience trauma, it tends to close down and block of the natural flow of energy that is needed to replenish that part of their body and mind that was impacted by the traumatic experience.

“Energy is infinite, without beginning nor end. It cannot be destroyed or created, only transformed.”

When clients become aware of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of themselves, then they begin to empower their overall health, moving closer to a state of “liberation” which is to become at “ease” with everything they are experiencing in the present moment. If we remove ourselves from the present moment, when we are regretting and dwelling on the past, or are anxious and worried about what the future will bring, we miss out on the whole purpose of being here as a human “being.”

Once we integrate the tools of a personally designed daily mindfulness practice, we can begin to peel away the layers that have been weighing us down from the past (or the future thoughts and feelings we have been focusing on).

As a mindfulness coach, I will assist you in becoming the real authentic human you really are. I will teach you the tools so that you can start empowering yourself daily and for a lifetime, with less dependency on needing a therapist weekly or monthly.

Getting into the flow state

I work with a young man in his early 20s suffering from anxiety and addictions. After just five sessions of bio-energy healing, he was like a different person. The weight on his shoulders seemed to have been lifted off him. His face became full of life and he spoke much more maturely and confidently. 

As well, his focus began to sharpen, he started reading more books and he was able to cut back on his substance dependency. He also found his dream girl within a month afterwards; it was truly a transformation.

Are you aware?

Awareness is limitless, accessible, infinite and free. 

My main goal is to help you become aware of your entire being inside and out, so you are able to create the true lifestyle you are seeking.

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